Best Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Mississauga



Mississauga is recognized as a fast growing city in Canada. It is a pretty eclectic city; many cultures including the British, Chinese, Asian, Jamaican, Indian and Portuguese community reside together throughout the city. The proximity of the city to the airport is a major factor in the ethnic diversity, as there are many cultures around the world that are represented in the city.

Most people consider commercial real estate as just being factories, industrial units or office complexes. However, there is more to commercial real estate than just that. There are also warehouses, retail structures, health care centers and much more. Residential properties that have more than four housing units are considered a commercial real estate. Buying commercial property found in MLS Mississauga is one of the best investments that you will make in your life. Whether you plan to use it or rent it out to other commercial property seekers who frequent this beautiful destination, you will definitely get your money’s worth. Some of the best commercial properties for sale in Mississauga include;

Industrial condo

This condo is located at 1575 Drew Rd, Mississauga. It is in the E3 zone that’s very rare to find, and it’s also close to Highway 401 and at a major intersection of Dixie Rd/Derry Rd. It is a pre-constructed condo sale. The condo is also auto related and excellent for car garages. The size starts at 1600 Sq. Ft. Units. However, if you need more space than there is, the rooms can be combined to achieve something larger. These condos also come with high ceilings. This particular one goes for $503,040.

Retail building

This is the first property off two major highways 403 and 410. The retail building has a custom design that you will love. It is located next to a proposed center to the south. The property is approximately 1 acre of prime land that is vacant and relatively rare. The total area is 43,560 square ft., with both the office and retail area being 1500 square ft. This piece of real estate has a huge income potential. It goes for $503,040.

Office space

This property is located on the 4th floor – 2233 Argentia RD, Mississauga. The building has a fantastic plug and plays subletting opportunity in the city’s premier business area. The office space has a high-quality area of reception with a view of the elevators, four meeting rooms, a large board room, 145 workstations, six offices, a full kitchen and lounge for employees. It has an IT room that contains raised floors and a dedicated cooling system and UPS systems. The building allows for potential users to consider up to 87,452 sq ft. This property has an estimated monthly rent of $86,454 and one can sublease.

Commercial condominium complex

This complex is located at the airport center south of Highway 401 and the Toronto International airport. It is next to the Future rapid transit station. It’s an upscale building with about 11860 sq ft. Taxes are paid annually on this property, and it is entirely air-conditioned with sprinklers and utilities. Suite number 100 is leased for $2812 per month, while suite number 300 goes for $3933 per month.

Mississauga has a collection of unique businesses that come with beautiful real estate properties. The area is full of diverse properties from small office structures to skyscrapers to boutique structures that will provide any business with the space they need to flourish and establish themselves. There are plenty of choices within the city of Mississauga. You can find the type commercial space you need within your budget with no stress. Commercial real estate can bring in big profits either by subleasing the property to retailers or reselling after appreciation.